Worship Service and Activities

 Updated May 25, 2020


Next Drive-In Worship Service will be held on Sunday, May 31st at 9:30 a.m.  

It will be transmitted on 99.9 FM and only heard from the car’s radio parked at church. 

Everyone has to remain in their car at ALL time with their windows closed.

Stay in touch with what is happening at Faith during this time by going to Faith Lutheran Church

Facebook Group. You can also do this by going to the homepage  of Faith’s website and selecting

Resources and then selecting Faith Lutheran Facebook Page.  You do not have to have a Facebook

account, and you do not have to log into Facebook. Here you will able to view Pastor Guynn’s weekly

Prayer time held on Monday and Thursday at 11:00 am and can also be seen at a later time. Please contact Pastor Guynn if you would like to request a prayer.

During the Covid-19 virus crisis our church will continue to follow Ohio’s mandate to not hold public gathering.  Worship services will be held online or as Drive-In’s.  

Our church is communicating with all members by email using a software program called Constant Contact. These important messages include upcoming online video events including Sunday sermons and prayer time. Please call the church office if you are not getting these important messages.

Via Constant Contact email, you are able to link to YouTube to hear

Pastor Guynn’s weekly Sunday sermon.


Zoom Bible Study

Pastor started a new online Bible Study on Tuesday evenings from 7:30 – 8:45 pm.  The topic of this study is Lutheranism 101 and is designed for those new to the Christian Faith and Lutheran Doctrine all the way through those who are longtime Lutherans. 

Online classes will be held  using the Zoom app that everyone needs to upload on to their electronic device. 

Please contact Pastor (440-346-0272 or pastorg@faithmentor.org that you are interested so that he can get the study books to you.  Pastor will also send you an invitation to the class sessions by email. 

Obviously, we would prefer to come together for worship, but this is an alternative to staying connected and hearing His Word.

These are difficult times and difficult decisions. May God continue to allow His grace, mercy and peace be with each one of us.ce