August 2021 Newsletter

Pastor’s Ponderings

    Where to start?  Perhaps, I will just let my thoughts flow and allow you to access a bit of what has been going on over the past 18 months or so.  But before I do that, let me take you to a time I was working as an administrator in the Chardon Local Schools.  One of the responsibilities was to create a safety plan for the schools.  Part of the plan involved how to deal with the next pandemic.  Scientists told us back then that it is not a matter of if, but when a
pandemic would occur. They suggest that approximately every 100 years there is a global pandemic.  Since the last one was the 1918 Spanish flu, we were to due to be hit with another one.

After having worked through the development of the plan and presenting it to staff, I could sense the scoffing and both spoken and unspoken ideas that science has moved beyond the Spanish flu.  We dealt with how to teach students who would not be attending school.  Back then, we did not have the infrastructure that has been available to the teachers and students now; but we created a plan.

One of the things we addressed, that all of us are living through now is how do we deal with the thought, “when is this ever going to end?”  It will.  At some point we, as a society will get back to living as if this pandemic was nothing but a bad nightmare.  That is one of the things I wonder.  How long did it take for society to move beyond the 1918 pandemic (which lasted at least 18 months), and return to a sense of normalcy?

How many years, or decades elapsed between family members avoiding holiday gatherings until the creation of images seen in a Norman Rockwell Christmas or Thanksgiving gathering?

Those of my generation, have memories of being lined up by the nurse’s office to be inoculated against smallpox.  We have the scar to prove it.   The children today: memories of masks and Plexiglas shields and lost proms or graduations.  But in a generation or two,

these will be memories and stories to tell upcoming generations.

So if we could fast-forward another 100 years or so what lessons learned would you share with that generation?  I will just let you ponder that.

I keep hearing people say, “I want this to be over so we can get back to normal.”  Do we really have a handle on what “normal” is?  Perhaps it is our way of saying, I want what I want,  because I don’t like things how they are now.  I am tired of all of this.  We all are, and we want things to be back to how they were before, and we want it yesterday.  Obviously, I don’t know how quickly we will forget 2020 and 2021 and all the negativity associated with this time.

One of the effects of the pandemic I see is the amount of stress people are under.  Several of you have shared this with me too.  You see people stressed out at work, in school, family members and if you are honest even you are experiencing some of type of stress. Perhaps we should take a lesson from Bobby McFerin and, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.”  I certainly don’t want to hang my hat on Bobby McFerin’s lyrics to a song, but there is another place I go to find my sense of security and comfort.

I am certain of His Word.  In His Word, I find MANY passages that tell me to lean on Him.  Among them is Romans 8:28: We know that in ALL (emphasis added) things God works for the good of those who love Him, and have been called according to His purpose.  Trust in God above all things, and worry about today only.  Tomorrow will be another day and will have enough worries for that day.

In His Service,


Youth News – Vacation Bible School

Our theme for VBS was “God’s Wonder Lab” and the children learned:

  A science lab is full of fascinating objects that help us explain how ideas are possible.  In Jesus’ ministry, He did things which cannot be explained. He turned water into wine, walked on water and His greatest miracle of all was dying on the cross and rising from the dead for our salvation.

Our students this year were: Millie, Walter, Austin, Phoebe, Ashley and Emme (Ashley and Emme are friends of Millie)

God has really blessed Faith with dedicated and committed teachers and helpers. This year our volunteers were: Laurell, Olivia, Elise (friend of Olivia’s), Char, Hannah, Jim, Ruth, Kim, Christl, Bella, Carson, Monika, Preston, Sharon and Pastor. Also, a big thank you to everyone who provided snacks.


Women’s Guild

The ladies of the Women’s Guild will meet Tuesday, August 17, at 7:00 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall. (Note: This is the third Tuesday of August.) We are getting together to start to plan for our regular meetings.

Items to discuss will be:

  • Who will be the officers for the coming year?
  • Do we need to consider changing the day and time of the meetings?
  • Will it be possible to get speakers for programs this coming year?

The current officers have been in contact with each other and are in agreement that there will be No Rummage Sale this Fall. 


Women’s Bible Study

 Wednesday mornings;  9:30 – 10:30 a.m. ; In the Conference Room

 Beginning Wednesday, September 15th we start a study of the Old Testament book of RUTH.

An introduction: “The book of Ruth is one of the earliest dramas of human literature. … Ruth is the account of two remarkable women, held by God’s enduring grace.  We will see God turn their loss into gain and their sorrow into joy.”

YOU are invited to come on in and study God’s Word with us!

  1. Bring your Bible – or use one already in the room.
  2. No homework – unless you enjoy studying ahead on your own.
  3. Great discussions!
  4. Led by Char … (if we run into a question, I seek out a pastor!)
  5. Notice the time is just an hour – to better fit our modern lifestyle….


Altar Guild

The Altar Guild would like to add more women and men volunteers. The volunteers usually do the following in the care of the altar area and in preparation for worship in service to our Lord and to the congregation:

  • Change candles when needed
  • Change eternal light
  • Change wicks in acolyte lighting wands
  • Prepare and set out communion elements
  • Clean up after communion Sundays
  • Hand out altar flowers each week to the individuals who signed up for them
  • Wash altar linens
  • Polish silver communion ware
  • Change the paraments on the altar
  • Change the banner in the chancel area near the altar
  • Dust and vacuum as needed

We do get together twice a year on a Saturday morning to discuss any upcoming concerns, volunteer for a particular month, or to ask any questions we may have.  Volunteers work together in teams or as an individual, usually one month at a time. Tasks are generally done on Fridays or Saturdays to prepare the altar area for worship.

If you would like to participate in this meaningful ministry to support worship at Faith, please contact Raye.


Faith’s Phone Prayer Chain

  Need a prayer? Please feel free to call Faith’s Phone Prayer Chain. Gay, is our chairman and will pass on your prayer request. It could be a prayer of thanksgiving – or a prayer for comfort and peace – or a prayer for patience and understanding, etc.. Gay usually starts the prayers by 9:00 a.m. the following day. Emergency prayers are welcome anytime. Thank You and God Bless!


Winnie Widgren Scholarship2021

The Winnie Widgren Scholarship program was created in 2004 when Marlin and Lynda approached Faith with an offer to help college students with financial assistance.  Marlin and Lynda are past Faith members who now reside in Florida.

Marlin suggested naming the scholarship after Winnie, a long-time member who served our congregation and community.  Winnie enjoyed her role as Sunday School Superintendent, Sunday School teacher, organizing Christmas / Thanksgiving food baskets, and being a clown to put smiles on many faces.

Over the past 17 years, the Younkers have donated $397,500 to help 34 students achieve their educational goals.  The students have studied in the fields of engineering, music, medicine, education, theater, communication, accounting, as well as other areas.  Some individuals embarked on a second career like our very own Pastor Kevin Guynn.


This year the Winnie Widgren Scholarship Committee was honored to reward scholarships to:

  • Maria, a freshman at Concordia University of Wisconsin studying Psychology and Social Work
  • Belle, a junior at Notre Dame College of Ohio studying Intelligence Studies
  • DJ, a junior at Case Western Reserve University studying Accounting
  • Drew, a junior at Miami University of Ohio studying Geology

Please keep all our students in your prayers.

Winnie Widgren Scholarship Committee — Pastor Guynn, Leila, Erika, and Lue


Our Missionary Family/The Erbers

 Joyce and I arrived back home in Ghana this week after a long stay in the USA for Covid19.  We are happy to be back! We have been working hard on recovery from travel, getting house and meals in order and starting the immigration process once again. We’re eager to see people in church tomorrow, July 25, 2021 and in the days to come.

Thank you for all of your prayers for us during the many months we were in the U.S.

The Lord be with you!
David & Joyce 


Christmas Gift for OSLS Students & their Families

In 2020, Faith’s Evangelism Board launched a Christmas program to give 25 Our Shepherd Lutheran School students each a $100 gift certificate whose families were financially challenged.  These anonymous students and their families were selected by the OSLS staff.

The Evangelism Board intends to repeat this program for 2021.  Please prayerfully consider supporting this program through your prayers and donations.  You can place your monetary gift in a white envelope and write “Christmas Gift for OSLS Students” on the envelope or use the blue-bordered envelope found in your yearly offering envelope box and enter the amount on the Evangelism Ministry Fund line.   If contributing via a check, make it payable to Faith Lutheran Church.

This will be a yearly event that we hope will continually grow with Faith members supporting OSLS students and families in need.

If you have any questions, please contact Lue or Char.



Faith’s Young Adult Bible Study (YABS) meets weekly to receive God’s gifts through His Word.  The members enjoy grappling with a book of the Bible, being taught in a video series, or digging into a theological book together.  This group also gathers for a social event on a monthly basis.  Annual events include a miniature golf tournament, YABS Christmas Party, Maple Fest, and Lawn Game Olympics.

YABS recently finished a video series on the Lutheran liturgy.  We are currently studying Galatians on Thursdays at 7:30 p.m.

Our most recent event was Water Tornado races Congratulations on your victory, Ali!   


Fellowship Hall Balcony Restoration

Did you know that our Fellowship Hall is one of the oldest historical structures in the Western Reserve?  The Corning House was built by Warren Corning Jr. in 1830 for his daughter.  In 1881, James Garfield became our 20th President.  Sometime later, President Garfield’s son, Harry, and his wife Belle Mason, bought the Corning Home for their residence.  Their son, John, married Janet Dodge, and it was from Janet Dodge Garfield that Faith Lutheran Church purchased the property and adjacent acreage.  In December 1953, Faith held its first worship service in this building, then called the Parish Hall.

 Over the last 191 years our building has shown its age. The second-floor balcony balustrade and balusters have fallen into disrepair.  In July, a tree was cut down next to the balcony, exposing the damage caused by two centuries of Ohio weather.  The balustrade and balusters have decayed and fallen apart.  The once elegant appearance has been severely damaged.

It is time to get some skilled woodworkers together to put the Corning House balcony back to its original state.

Faith is blessed with members who have this woodworking skill.  Can you make the spindles?  Maybe you can locate prefab balusters that can be assembled.  Can you cut wood?  Can you lay down new flooring?  Can you paint?   Would you be willing to step up and accept the challenge?  It’s a labor of love.

Funding will be available, and it will not impact Faith’s Operating Budget.

 Please contact Lue, if you are up to this challenge. 


Seminary Workshop

We invite everyone to join us at the Seminary Workshop at Faith on August 23-25.  Our speaker will be Dr. James Voetz from Concordia Seminary. The topic will be “Principles of Biblical Interpretation for the Parish.”

Cost for the workshop is $100 and registration closes August 9th. If you are interested in attending, please see Pastor or call the church office (440-255-2229).


LWML Northeast Zone Fall Getaway

 New Location for our Getaway this year – Zion Lutheran Church,  508 Mentor Avenue, Painesville, OH

 We welcome all ladies to join us on Saturday, September 25th at 9:00 a.m. for our LWML Fall Getaway.  Our theme is “Carpenter Hands…Christ’s Hands…Our Hands” based on Isaiah 49:16.

Pastor Guynn will have a session on “Jesus the Carpenter” and Pastor Schroeder from St. John, Geneva, will lead a Bible Study titled “A Handy Survey”.

There will be an ingathering of hand warmers & hand lotion for Project Hope. Also, an ingathering of gloves for Sub Zero, located in Painesville.

Please pick up your packet from the Mission bulletin board for more details. Registration deadline is September 15th.


LWML Ohio District – 2020-2022 Mission Grants

  1. Support for Seminarians $15,000
  2. Support for Full-Time Students preparing for Church Work  $10,000
  3. Concordia Theological Seminary Food Co-Op  $10,000 .
  4. POBLO International (Central OH)  $10,000  (Central OH)
  5. Military Veterans & Families Ministry, Fort Wayne IN $10,000
  6. Ohio Division, Orphan Grain Train $ 7,500
  7. Lutheran Braille Workers Ministry – OH $10,000
  8. Mission In Ministry, Chesterland, OH (Jacmel, Haiti)  $10,000
  9. Worship Anew – Lutheran Ministries Media, Fort Wayne, IN $ 5,000
  10. Lutheran Heritage Foundation – Macomb, MI  (Partial)  $ 7,500

To learn more visit our website:

Pray for the mission work of the  LWML  


Jungle Terry is coming!

Come join in the fun on Saturday, August 21, here at our pavilion, at 10:00 a.m.

There will be hot dogs and popcorn after the live animal program.  There is no charge for this event.  If you would like to provide snacks or treats, please speak to Preston, Cindy or Claudia.  Thank you!


The Lunch Bunch

 Hey Lunch Bunch – are you ready to get together again?

         Once a month we meet for lunch. Typically, it is the second Wednesday of the month at 1:00 p.m. at a local restaurant.  On Wednesday, August 11th at
1:00 p.m.
we would like to go to Favored Flavor Family Restaurant. They are located at 1945 Mentor Avenue, Painesville. There is a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board in the Narthex. Please invite a friend  – they are always welcome.


Church Picnic

Everyone is invited to join us on Sunday, August 22 for our annual picnic.  It will be held at the pavilion right after the 11:15 Service.

    There is a sheet on the bulletin board in the Narthex for you to sign up. Meat and beverages will be provided.  Please come and enjoy the fellowship of your friends at Faith.