Winnie Widgren Scholarship Info

Jeremiah, Kylie and Austin were the 2017 Winnie Widgren Scholarship recipients

Faith Lutheran Church’s members have been blessed through the generous donation of $25,000 per year for the past 12 years by an individual who decided to fund academic scholarships for our members.  The individual making the donation has been financially blessed throughout his lifetime, and in turn made the decision to help others.  since the inception of this scholarship, over $300,000 has been provided to help members continue their education.

The Scholarship Fund is named after another member – Winnie Widgren.  Winnie was a longtime member who was extremely active with the children of this church.  She dedicated many of her waking hours ensuring that the Sunday School ran efficiently and the children knew of Christ’s love for them.

No one knows for certain, but her role as Sunday School Superintendent extended well into 4 decades of continuous service.  She always had a smile or a hug for any child in the church.

The scholarships are awarded through the decision of a team of members who meet and evaluate applications and applicants based upon need and the individual’s activity as a member fo the congregation.

Over the years, dozens of members – those fresh out of high school attending college for the first time, to those returning for graduate degrees have benefited from this scholarship.